Bringing Tomorrow's Technologies Today: AIE (Artificial Intelligence in Education)


ICAIE 2022

2022 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education
January 6-8, 2022 // Virtual Conference / Chengdu, China

As the workshop of ICEIT 2022, all the ICAIE 2022 accepted papers were included in ICEIT 2022 conference proceedings.



Keynote Speakers were:

Prof. Francis, Yuk Lun Chin,Emeritus and Honorary Professor, Dept of Computer Science, University of Hong Kong, China
Prof. Shahin Vassigh, Florida International University, USA
Prof. Lei Liao, Sichuan Normal University, China

Opening Remarks
Michele Della Ventura, Music Academy 'Studio Musica', Italy
  Welcome Message

Prof. Winifred Newman, Clemson University, USA

  Conference Photo
Keynote Speaker - Prof. Francis, Yuk Lun Chin   Keynote Speaker - Prof. Shahin Vassigh   Keynote Speaker - Prof. Lei Liao

Exploring the Relationship Between Teachers’ Perceptions of School Climate and Their Attitudes toward Inclusion at the Preschool Level in China
Chao Sun
Presenter: Chao Sun, Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College, China

Exploration of Blended Learning Based on Production-Oriented Approach
Lijuan Zhang
Presenter: Lijuan Zhang, Lyceum of the Philippines University, Philippin

Research on Hospital Information System Course Design and Evaluation Based on Project-Driving Method
Wei Liu, Jin Zhang
Presenter: Wei Liu, Hainan Medical University, China

Relating Chinese EFL Learners’ Writing Strategy Use to Emotional Aspects
Nan Hu
Presenter: Nan Hu, Chonnam National University, South Korea

T.A.L.A Goal Setting Life Skills Learning Approach on the Meta-Empirical Competence and Academic Performance of Diverse Learners
Simon, E.O
Presenter: Simon, E.O, First City Providential College, Philippines

An Event-Based Framework for Facilitating Real-time Sentiment Analysis in Educational Contexts
Weisi Chen, Bin Liu, Xu Zhang, Islam Al-Qudah
Presenter: Weisi Chen, Xiamen University of Technology, China